As soon as Nehra and her model invite the crowd to try out a different sexual role, from what they are used to perform in their common life, the crowd is split into 2 groups: the “Penetrator“ and the “Penetrated“.
The first get support to reveal their dominant side, the second is guided to let go and surrender: the bodies and their openings are directed, while Thomas Burø presents a thinking on permeability, penetrability and becoming-other that relates directly to the event taking place.

As a man it is a good thing to get penetrated and to be cool with it. Not just because of the pleasure, and there is pleasure and it’s good for you, but also because getting fucked unravels the basic but troubling idea grounding normative masculinity: that to be a man means to penetrate the bodies of others while remaining yourself impermeable.

To be powerful, strong, active, in control and dominant is expected from “Real Men“, this is also why it is totally accepted that men invade and control the space of others; on the other hand the same behaviour adopted by women, seems to be radically condemned.

The Normative thinking refers often to “Natural Inclination“ of the “Biological Gender“. But the life of this workshop has demonstrated everywhere (from Helsinki to Rome, passing by Berlin) how constructed, artificial and weak these concepts are. In reality, just allowing people to be free from those categories, has revealed how ready Woman are to be dominant, taking space, taking control and take a man from behind. This seems to be very satisfying for both sides.

For Men to be penetrated is a way to open the consciousness to other states of being human, to experience surrender and the pleasurable experience of being passive and allowed to do less and feel more.

We firmly believe that to explore these topics, in a collective, consensual and playful way, gives a strong feeling of empowerment to anyone.
To give back the freedom that education, religions and institutions have stolen from our bodies, and letting the bodies rule and finally taking responsibilities for our own desires and fantasies.
To freely act and explore, outside the frame we have been raised, it a path toward liberation and also toward self-revolution.

The workshop is open for everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, philosophical schooling or lack thereof.

Nehra Stella

Nehra Stella

is a French-Italian bisexual artist, mother and filmmaker, who left Rome for Paris and in 2008 Paris for Berlin, which she considers to be her homeland.

In her work she explores gender, sexuality, identity issues, love and relationships, with an ironic, erotic, feminist, QUEER point of view. She believes that ART and SEX can change the world.

Since few years, she collaborates with Felix Ruckert in various projects, and lead workshop/performance mixing Theatre Technics, Visualizations, Yoga, Hypnosis, Bdsm and Metagenealogie.



More info about “47” to come…