Cling film for sex, play and fixation

This workshop teaches you the basics of how to use cling film as an addition to your sex toy toolbox. Cling film is perfect for fixation, mummification, sensory deprivation and even breath play. The material can be used for anything from a sensual soft experience to BDSM. We start with a demonstration, explanation of the goes and no-goes, and juicy tips and tricks for your session, and the rest of the workshop you get to play two and two, with one person wrapping and one person being wrapped.

If you don’t have a partner, come anyway and we will pair you up for good fun, or you can watch.

You should bring a towel and a pair of scissors.

Molly Lee

Molly Lee


I have explored my own sexual space, desires, personal dreams and wishes for the most part of my adult life; and more deliberately and consciously for the last five years. When I first started doing workshops, events and creating sensual spaces I felt an enormous gratitude and fulfilment in supplying these adventures for other people. I look forward to meeting you at Xplore.