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Cling film for sex, play and fixation

Let’s talk about the nature of surrendering, and of guiding someone on a journey of submission. There are pitfalls, problems, addictions – and there is unique healing, ecstatic empowerment. When we find ourselves in an ecstatic state, there is only the here and now. We dare to set our animalistic sides free, to be selfish, to demand. And we dare to ask for loss of control, to ask to be taken, to surrender – to whimper joyfully.
Film clips, readings and exercises open up the unique, ritual areas of energy-based kink. We will investigate our many erotic aspects – and which archetypes we would like to bring forth, and to ask to be guided by.
Kink play can become incredibly powerful shadow work. With a clarification of intent and the nature of ritual, we celebrate the ecstatic path of erotic dominance and powerful fetishes.

Molly Lee

Molly Lee

Photo: nude-art-photo.dk

I have explored my own sexual space, desires, personal dreams and wishes for the most part of my adult life; and more deliberately and consciously for the last five years. When I first started doing workshops, events and creating sensual spaces I felt an enormous gratitude and fulfilment in supplying these adventures for other people. I look forward to meeting you at Xplore.