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Intimate Communication

During Intimate Communication I will guide you to share some of your most intimate stories and feelings with a stranger. No one will judge you, no one will interrupt. You will simply share and say “thank you for listening”. Because sometimes words of authenticity shared with strangers, are what makes us become more open. And the more open we become, the more accepting we become of ourselves and each other. So I guess you could say that Intimate Communication is about being open, but it is also about the art of giving and receiving, of listening and sharing. It is about communication. This workshop is perfect for you, who wish to meet and connect with new people without all the “who-gives-a-fuck-small-talk”, for you who might have a hard time talking and sharing things about yourself and for you who wish to talk openly about sex, feelings and everything else. So all in all… this workshop is for everyone.

Theresa Johanne Kirkby

Theresa Johanne Kirkby


Theresa Johanne Kirkby is a certified holistic sexologist, who grew up in a small village in the south of Denmark. She is a free-spirited woman, whose vocation is to help with opening the minds of people by breaking societal limitations and taboos of sexuality and intimacy.
Over the past 6 years, she has been dedicated to the path of self-love, which has taught her the beauty of connection and conscious sexuality – a beauty she now strives to share with others. She offers therapy sessions related to everything from a heartbreak to a dysfunctional sexuality.
Her passion for hula hooping is ongoing and she can often be found dancing barefoot to the rhythms of a djembe-jam.