Jealousy and Passion

Jealousy as an emotion is not something to be afraid of or to avoid at all cost. Yes, it is unpleasant. It can be hellish painful and make you do wicked, shameful things. But jealousy is also a gateway to getting a deeper understanding of self, your partner(s) and your relationships. There are treasures to be found if you dare to do the work.

This workshop will address this much-feared emotion. It’s an invitation to investigate this vehicle of e-motion and begin the journey into deeper relationships as you allow your self to look for and uncover what fuels the ‘volcano’.

This workshop is not a pleasure ride. It will only work if you have the courage to face it. You will not be alone in the process. Welcome.

Signe V. Bentzen

Signe V. Bentzen

Photo: Ekstra Bladet

Signe V. Bentzen, M.A., is certified as a sexologist, couples therapist, and has degree in Omni therapy (body-mind therapy). For more than a decade she has been supporting couples and singles to heal and expand their relational and sexual life.

In the later years she has dived futher into tantric practices, explored shamanism and Omni therapy as a path to personal growth as well as gateways for clients, readers and the participants to find intimacy and sexuality within themselves and with their partners.

Signe’s focal point is to pay close attention to the wisdom that lies within the body, our sensations, emotions and thoughts, and supporting the re-connection of body and mind.

Her gentle, but firm approach during therapy sessions and as a facilitator also shines thru in her work as a columnist and editor of her public mail box “Signes brevkasse” in the largest newspaper in Denmark. Her aim is to give readers new inspiration in their love and sex life writing articles mirroring the diversity, the problems, and the vast sea of possibilities and imagination of modern people and their sexuality.

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