Sacred Squirting

There is an ancient relationship between women and water. In Taoist traditions they speak of The Third Water, in ancient India, The Nectar Of The Gods and in Greece they named it Liquor Vitae. All of these refer to what we today mostly describe as Female Ejaculation.

To ejaculate is anatomically possible for all women – as it is for all men. Despite this, surprisingly few women make use of this life-affirming ability. Why did we forget and how can we support the process of making our body & soul remember?

This workshop is aiming at acknowledging and exploring the G-spot area, to re-awaken and stimulate the flow of female ejaculate and possibly raise the number of women having an experience of a stream of warm liquids pumping out from a place deep inside of them and the healing, relaxing and joyful body state that arrives as a result of this activity.
These sacred waters are so filled with mystery that both science and sexual workers cannot get their minds around it. It takes time and courage to unravel the truth, but it is worth it…it is time.
Feel invited to come and let go.

Let it Flow!

Christine Borch

Christine Borch


Christine is a Danish choreographer, dancer, singer & songwriter, spiritual midwife and light warrior living as a contemporary nomad. She has been studying the human medicines of movement, meditation and massage in Denmark, England & Japan, conscious sexuality in Berlin and plant shamanism with indigenous tribes in the Amazon forest. The core of her work is based on experimenting with physical, sexual and spiritual processes of transformation within choreographic & ceremonial structures. She presents her ceremographies, songs, sessions and workshops throughout the world grounded in her own lived experience and drawing from all aspects of her Life Art.