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The term SMassage is a research into how healing & massage practices can take use and inspiration from techniques and methods present in BDSM.

The action of consciously applying pain as part of a massage has the potential of releasing deep tensions and old memories stored in the body. The deep relaxed and receptive states we arrive in during a massage allow us to let go of our usual mentally created control and protection patterns. This opens up for possibilities of shocking the body -without the body closing in on it self, but allowing us to enter and heal the subconscious. It is a creative and nonjudgemental process of applying unfamiliar touch and using pain as a positive vessel for possible healing. A deep listening into what type of engagement a certain situation is asking from us in order to touch the essence of what is needed.

In this work I use my wisdom in how the force of Eros moves in the body, how to open gates and give space, to release, unblock and bring back balance. I do this guided by curiosity, open heart and intuition.

You are invited for a session of sensorial surrendering.

Photo by Mélanie Derouetteau, Xplore Festival, Berlin 2011.

Atma Pöschl

Atma Pöschl

Photo by Tamara Wassermann

Atma studied process-oriented bodywork and intimate touch at UCLA. She works ascoach for body sensitization in her institute in Vienna, where she collaborates with others in the field.

Atma loves strong and mindful bodywork. Her seminars and sessions allow for the body to be experienced as a door to pleasure, to peacefulness and self knowledge. That creates new and exciting forms of intimacy. All emotions are welcome, even those that have been long denied to ourselves. For Atma, intimacy starts neither with nudity nor sex but with our ability to feel what is really there, to recognise and to share it.

Feeling ourselves requires courage. For some of us, even more courage than we need for transgressing boundaries. On her search for authentic expression, Atma found BDSM as a conscious container for the power of rage. By considering such issues for more than 20 years, she has gained a reflective tool - among many others - to accompany people into their own power.

Atma loves to walk and thereby create new paths in bodywork, therapy and medicine. As a highly sensitive person, she combines a strong intellect with political consciousness and spirituality.