The Art of Submission

The moment of submission to a situation which I have helped shape is the moment where I become aware, I get involved, I do not flee. Out of this arises devotion and tenderness. In “The Art of Submission” we will learn to overcome situations where we are insecure, anxious or frightened by our own courage. We learn to take a step forward while finding a safe place for ourselves.

We will work with physical exercises in the fields of dance / Contact Improvisation, space perception, and exercises of dominant-submissive role-playing. It is about handling sensual playfulness with your partner to identify one’s desires, boundaries and how to communicate them.

Felix Ruckert

Felix Ruckert

Photo: Anna M. Maynard

Felix Ruckert (1959) is a German dancer , choreographer , conceptor and author. He has gained international acclaim with interactive concepts such as HAUTNAH, RING, DELUXE JOY PILOT and SECRET SERVICE. These works are characterised by the radicalism of the style, the originality of the content, and the unconventional interpretation of the spectator-actor ratio. He often gives the viewer an active role in the performance and confronts him with intense emotions. For these interactive choreographies he invents special techniques for physical communication and perception and develops them into an art of touch.

He currently lives in Berlin and is artistic director of the company Felix Ruckert / Berlin eV, founder and curator of schwelle7, experimental space for dance and BDSM and initiator of the annual festival “xplore”, a three-day event on creative sexuality, BDSM, performance and ritual .