Urban Flogging

If you just wish to hurt someone, you do not need a whipping workshop. Just take it and hit somebody.

But a Whip or Flogger can do much more than just cause pain. It can caress and stimulate, expand and soften, encourage and strengthen, excite and connect. It can make you fly.

A whip can be an extension of your hand and can be used exactly as versatile and sensitive: Tender and careful, embracing and massaging, penetrating and demanding, cutting and brutal.

This workshop proposes a space for practical exploration of whips and floggers, with a focus on the relations between the technique of the whip and the practice of dance. It will provide tricks for posture and handling of the instrument, it will investigate the whips role in the body’s relation to space and centre, it will help to improve the communication between the partners.

It proposes an understanding of the act of whipping and being whipped as an energetic exchange, a mutual penetration and a sensual, an emotional connecting and a sensual dialogue. It is about collecting, directing and processing energy.

We will learn by practical exercise, treating us mutually with different instruments in different constellations.
Only the one who knows how it feels like to be whipped, is able to use a whip responsibly.
Where can I hit with different whips? How strong can I whip without leaving traces? Or in order to leave traces!

Please bring comfortable clothes, and – if you have -your own whips and floggers!




delta® has been an art performer, dancer, choreographer, art director as well as light, stage and S&M artist since the late 70's.

After initial autodidactic experiments with the German expressionist dance of the 1920s, he devoted himself to the Japanese Butoh dance and founded in Berlin in 1988, the first German-Japanese dance company: tatoeba-THÉÂTRE DANSE GROTESQUE with Minako Seki and Yumiko Yoshioka. Since 1995 he also curates together with Yumiko Yoshioka the international butoh dance-eXchange & performance festival eX...it!, which takes place all 4 years at Schloss Broellin/Germany. This year for the 6th time.

In 1998, he started to devote himself to interactive dance (ritual feet washing) and met through that Felix Ruckert with whom he teams up since 2000. At first he worked as a dancer in several interactive performances and till now also as the administrative head of the Xplore-Festivals, schwelle7 and of the non-profit association Compagnie Felix Ruckert Berlin e.V. His many years of private S&M-disposition got in collaboration with Felix Ruckert a new dimension: sadomasochistic rituals developed into an art of sensual communication with artistic and philosophical approach. As a workshop presenter he is in particular trying to give an understanding of the spirituality behind BDSM as a love play. In his "white" S&M rituals artistic expression and loving devotion merge with the imparting of an intense "pleasure-pain-feeling" for the body and a liberating catharsis for the soul. As part of the Creation Team of all the Xplore-Festivals he is responsible for production affairs, especially all the websites, financial affairs, registrations and participant's support.