want // might want // don’t want

Desire drives our choices. Boundaries keep us safe. What we want and what we don’t want are choices we make every day, moment to moment. Yet in our personal interactions – and especially our sexual ones – knowing what we want and what we don’t can be knotty and difficult to recognise. Put simply: most of the time, most of us just aren’t sure.

In this playful, experiential session we’ll explore what you want and what you don’t – with plenty of space for the “I don’t know.” We’ll look at both verbal and non-verbal ways of engaging with the theme and begin uncovering how the dynamic between you and the other shapes what’s possible.

This short workshop is a great foundation for the whole weekend, whether you’re a seasoned player or you’re brand new to Xploring.

Newman Alexander (formerly London Faerie)

Newman Alexander (formerly London Faerie)


Newman Alexander (formerly London Faerie) is a teacher of grounded sexy spirituality. They create spaces where you can discover more of who you truly are by getting in touch with what you really want: not the nice version you’re supposed to be, but the fierce, raw version behind it. Their tools are permission, pleasure, intimacy and vulnerability.
Faerie is the founder and curator of Sacred Pleasures in London, where they lead 6-8 workshops a year. In addition they regularly teach in Copenhagen, Berlin and Utrecht and at conscious sex festivals all over Europe.