xplore considers sex as an art form of its own. The festival is about sex, love and relations, about BDSM, Queer and Tantric practices. Most importantly it is an open, pleasant, sexpositive space, where all desires, fantasies, identities and orientations are welcome to be freely expressed and explored, without fear, shame or guilt.

xplore celebrates creativity and curiosity and includes also those practices that welcome the dark, the scary and the absurd. xplore brings together those that claim the right to be diverse in their sexuality and proves that sexual diversity is actually the norm.

xplore offers a safe space to be fully embodied and aroused. The xplore participants commit to be mindful in their actions and how they maybe be received by others, in order to maintain this a safe and non-threatening environment for everyone.

xplore creates a context where rudeness, resentment, distrust and envy can dissolve and be replaced by politeness, sympathy, trust and generosity.

The festival takes place over 3 full days on August 3. 4. and 5th at the Magnet on Refshaleøen. The festival hosts more than 40 workshops, performances, talks and rituals facilitated by some of the most innovative and experienced experts in the field and after three days of intense experiences it culminates in a gigantic sensual celebration. This year the workshops fall into three main categories tha we will explore, Relations and Rituals, Creative Sexuality and Conscious Kink.

The festival is curated by Felix Ruckert and Micha Stella and produced in Copenhagen by Johan Bichel Lindegaard and a loving team of volunteers. The local production is not-for-profit and all proceeds go into creating similar sex-positive activities or will be invested in next years festival. 

Welcome to our playground!