Kink Negotiation

When having sex with many partners or playing with power and domination, it takes a lot of focus, work and ethics to avoid harassment or assault. These are skills that can be learned, language that can be created and consent that can be explored. For nothing is black and white when you are playing in shadow areas, and it is necessary to be proud, upfront and skilled in speaking your wishes and defining your boundaries.

This workshop will share experiences and taboos. We will exchange and Xplore tips and tools on how to negotiate boundaries, desires and consent. Including the controversial but important desire to lose control and submit.

We need to strengthen a culture of respect, honesty and aftercare. And maybe the everyday world could learn from this, a the drunken scoring attempts in late-night discos, trying to ignore shame by serial monogamy. 

Lets talk about how we can make the sex culture better – both on an individual basis (you!) and a communal basis (humanity!)

Steen Schapiro

Steen Schapiro

Steen Schapiro is a film director, editor and teacher, born in Denmark, 1967. As a film director, he has made internationally acclaimed documentaries on sexual subcultures. As a teacher, Steen teaches film, art, sexology, debates sexual politics – and does lectures and workshops on shamanic domination and body rituals, focusing on spiritual kink and energy-based BDSM. After extensive travels and rituals, particularly in San Francisco under the guidance of Fakir Musafar and Cleo Dubois, the focus is on the inner journeys and discoveries through body play, submission/dominance and fetishistic symbolism.