authentic domination

Let Free your Dominant-self

"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken" – Oscar Wilde

Authorizing ourselves to express different or contradictory sides of our personality is an essential part of becoming a better lover, dominant and generally more wholesome person. How can intimacy and shared vulnerability help our connections and relationships bloom? 

Embracing your strengths and weaknesses and allowing yourself to accept and try out opposite sides of your personality, will help you find your inner dominant side with specific, unmissable and unforgettable flavor and essence.

Marti Birch

Marti Birch

Marti is a passionate facilitator, mentor and feminist, working internationally in the field of sexuality since 2013. She loves to create spaces and situations where we can explore our depths and our limits, preferably while having a really great time!

Her ongoing fascination in power, consent and equality has inspired her latest project, Sound of Birch, where women bring the ethos behind what they learn in the bedroom into everyday life. Our kinky skills give us a route into the delicate art of power dynamics at constant play in all human interactions.

Marti has helped many women nurture their own power and take more control of their lives. Her personal story has inspired her quest to help others to contribute to the world with their power and their vulnerability, their wisdom and their authenticity.