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Manners - An Education for Boys

Does your behavior signal to a strong woman that you long to please her? Can she see from your attitude that you will be an important addition to her intense pleasure program? Do your exquisite manners invite positive attention from the women around you? In a first meeting, can you signal to a Dom that you will not let her down should she invite you to play in her Queendom?

For many boys (and girls), it is entirely unclear how to behave when stepping into today’s confusing world of kink. When dominant self-assured women are in charge, you must bring something real to the table. There are some essential behavioral skills that boys just don’t learn at school. This workshop is designed to help you find your best submissive self. You will learn the skills and techniques that you need to enjoy your role as a sub. Good boys are sometimes naughty and often deserve punishment but to play well with a sophisticated Mistress, you need to know your place. In this workshop you will learn how to put your best foot forward, relaxing into the elegant boy you were born to be.

This workshop is open to boys and girls of all ages.

Maggie Tapert

Maggie Tapert

The internationally known sexologist Maggie Tapert has been leading her own brand of unique seminars and workshops for more than twenty years. Her pioneering work in the field of female sexuality is rooted in a profound focus on feminine pleasure and desire. Maggie Tapert was born in the USA and spent most of her adult life in Switzerland. She is a mother, a grandmother and has a private practice for coaching and mentoring in Zurich. Her autobiography, PLEASURE was published by Südwest Verlag, München.